Earth Rhythm Band

Hey everyone, super stoked to finally be releasing my first full band CD in almost 18 years! Yes, I released          " Morning Herbs " in 2001, after receiving custody of my son, but never had the chance to promote it or even play live gigs after its release.  I did release an acoustic CD called Root Of It in 2011, which was a proper capture of the two piece dinner and apre ski gigs we were doing at the time.

Yet, this CD finally gets to share with y'all some of the musical vibes we have been capturing in the I-Dub studios here in south west Colorado over the past few years.  Now, these tunes won't make me or anyone forget about the reggae greats that are my mentors - Culture, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Steel Pulse, etc.  Shoot, I doubt these home studio versions can even hold a candle to pretty much every reggae type song I hear on the radio these days.  They all sound so thick and professionally done with years of experience, while my versions self admittedly sound like a musician forced into becoming a producer.

However, what they lack in post production quality I hope will be overshadowed by what they have in abundance in integrity of song and message.  Uniqueness of sound and delivery of such sounds through live musicians adds flavors that I try to capture, and then redistribute through the mix.  Hopefully, in ways that sounds different from everyone else's recordings, if nothing else. 

I thank everyone again for their interest.  I hope to hear what peoples thoughts about the new CD are when it comes out.  I seriously need to upgrade this website, and as I do I hope I begin a more open dialogue with you folks coming around to the site and my musical offerings. 

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