earth rhythm band


EARTH - Where we are all from. We are Earthlings first, before anything else. We are OF the Earth. All healing nutrients, water, plants, animals and foods EVOLVED here, on Earth. There could be no Earth, without the sun, our gravitational star, and provider of light and energy, which powers the very existence of life on Earth.  This IS the foundational truth from which this band name, and future musical releases, is built on.

We have a long, deep history in our blood. When we finally realize as a planet, how long and how deep and rich and amazing, we have been as people/humans LONG BEFORE anyone even mentioned Gods or grew to form civilizations.  When we accept that we people indeed formed ALL religions AS PART of EVOLUTION, it will be then and only then, that our beautiful planet Earth returns to one of peace between peoples.

This fully educated Utopia is oh so far away, but must begin sometime, and I have never felt more fully needed than to be one of the warriors for this new genre of music called - EARTH MUSIC!

ERB  will embody the stance of LOVE to ALL people of any or no religion, honor EARTH, respect and learn of histories, and seek to educate everyone to the truth of the timeline of our human, and planets', existence.